Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer

There are many DIY ventures you can do on your own; however, here are some explanations why designing your business's website should not be one of them.

DIY vs Professional (Choose Wisely)

Some people believe that creating a website is simple. There are numerous website design software’s that enable you to drag and drop images and insert text. Keep in mind that these templates use common models that aren't tailored to the company's individual requirements. Digital architecture necessitates behind-the-scenes coding by experienced web developers. There are many DIY ventures you can do on your own; however, here are some explanations why designing your business's website should not be one of them.


Free website layouts and DIY web builders can't be personalized, aren't interactive, and aren't quite simple. A simple website design or web builder does not enable you to incorporate an extra function or material. If you believe you're the first organization to profit from a free website maker, think wrong. Thousands of other firms have made the same, dull, bland template error as you. You're now faced with a website that is the same as everybody else's. Is really not that unique?


Website production is time-consuming, and creating a great website takes some time. If you're not a talented web developer, the time you waste working to construct a website could be better used gathering leads and expanding your customer base. Why not hire others with skills and expertise to build it for you? You'll save money and time. Simply put, a website created by a skilled web developer would seem more professional.


We've all heard of SEO, but do you know how to implement it? SEO enables the website to be used by prospective consumers, which is critical for business. Search engines, such as Google, would find the website attractive. Google doesn't crawl DIY websites since they're so preoccupied with rating configured pages.



Google cannot check the site in Webmaster Software if you use a DIY site creator. Google utilizes sophisticated algorithms that might be too technical for other users, but it can be used by a skilled web developer who uses Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics to monitor downtime, crawl rates, bounce rates, load times, broken connections, and search traffic.


Insufficient analytics:

Web metrics was unreliable for older scripting tools (often used by DIY web builders). Site analytics results display how good the website is doing and how much traffic it gets. Clients will access monthly updates and read comments on their site's performance.


Incompatibility with mobile devices:

Self-built pages with little databases or images are usually not mobile friendly. How many people do you meet who use a mobile device now a days? Since the bulk of users use their phones or mobile devices to access the internet, the web should be user-friendly.


Rushed Projects:

Most DIY website builders enable you to design a site in under 30 minutes. That's a fraction of the time it takes other sandwich shops to produce a meal. Isn't the business's website worthy of more time and energy than a sandwich? When people want to learn more about your business, they normally go to your website first. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, a quality website may take weeks or months to complete.



Idle 2 Idol team cares more for you and your business than the DIY websites. We have every opportunity to assist the organization in expanding, and as you extend, we expand as well. Please email us today to schedule a free consultation with the best website developers in Woodland Hills, CA.

Aubrey Lang is the founder of Idle 2 Idol. He started his journey as an entrepreneur who fell in love with website design and obsessed with SEO's power to help grow a business.

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