April 6, 2021

Our Top Blogging Strategies

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For companies, blogging is an excellent way to attract organic traffic. Every month, our Idle 2 Idol blog receives 43% of our daily visitors. The more we post, the more traffic we seem to attract.

The more we post, the more traffic we seem to attract. But it wasn't always like this.  We didn't even settle into our stride until about a month ago, and we've been sorting out the flaws ever since. However, we've certainly picked up a few tips along the way, as shown by our 300 percent rise in blog traffic in 2021.

Fortunately for us, we just happen to be in a special situation: as a Woodland Hills website design company, we have the opportunity to observe our tactics on a variety of businesses & industries. Here are few ideas for using your blog as a traffic-generation strategy that are universal yet sometimes ignored.

 ·     Don't start writing until you're sure you'll be able to stick to at least 3-4 posts a week.

·     Spend the same amount of time marketing your blog as you do write it.

·     Every post should have a straightforward call to action. Encourage readers to join the e-mail list at the very least.

·     Use a content schedule to prepare accordingly and keep updated

·     Use Google RSS to get valuable highlights in search results.

·     To search subjects, use Google's keyword planner.

·     Each blog post should focus on a single topic.

·     Provide the reader with valuable knowledge


These are my top blogging strategies. You most likely have a few of your own. I've learned that everybody has their own way toblogging, which they should take advantage of.

Aubrey Lang, Founder of Idle 2 Idol