April 29, 2021

Online Businesses Spike During COVID-19

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Entrepreneurs Should Take Advantage of COVID-19

Entrepreneurs Should Take Advantage of COVID-19

Screen time spiked when COVID-19 struck America. Perhaps you contributed to the rise in screen time whether it be for personal pleasure or more importantly: business. During this time there has been availability for self-care but what about care for your business? Though it’s important to adjust to the new normal it’s just as important to focus on attracting more customers to grow your online business, increase your revenue, and increase online sales.

When brick and mortar stores closed their doors, the public flocked to online shopping and entertainment. This caused an increase inn competition among online businesses. Here are a few things you should do to stay in the game:

●   Upgrade your website
●   View your analytics
●   New marketing campaigns
●   Update your SEO
●   Create fresh content

You may feel like you’re competing to attract more online customers during this time, however if you follow the prior listed steps - you'll be able to see real results if executed properly. It matters more than ever to make these changes as people are constantly on social media or online shopping to pass time.

5 Key Tactics To Use

5 Key Tactics To Use

1. Style

2. Information

3. Personalization

4. Inclusion

5. Modernization

Listed above are key tactics that must be presented in an online business all while being optimized & functional. Personalization and inclusion are two important concepts that we can provide for your business. Personalization provides a likelihood of repeat visits and satisfaction that can increase your revenue. Inclusion is a way to attract more customers online.

When you have a modern layout with style, personalized visuals, and functional options - everyone who comes across your online business will have a great user experience. For Example: Buttons links that lead to the correct page & Original content instead of just using stock photos.

What people seek now more than ever is - authenticity. It’s no secret that online businesses will soon be very oversaturated, which is why our digital marketing services can help your business stay ahead of market competition.

Aubrey Lang, Founder of Idle 2 Idol