April 5, 2021

Invest in your SEO

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SEO should be at the top of your investing list

SEO should be at the top of your investing list

You've already seen the two prevailing narratives around Search Engine Optimization whether you've invested some time on small business blogs or reading daily entrepreneur magazines (SEO). According to one report, SEO is the best investment for small companies since it allows them to contend with major players. The counter-narrative claims that SEO is too competitive and a waste of resources.

The counter-narrative claims that SEO is too competitive and a waste of resources.The reality lies right in the center. Small business SEO isa brilliant opportunity to stand out in a crowded industry. At the same time, recruiting a poor SEO firm will cost you a lot of money. So, if you're wondering whether or not you can invest in SEO, consider the following:

The Statistics on SEO's Potential:

  • Search engines are used by 70% of online shoppers to launch their shopping journey.
  • Every month, 80 percent of customers use Google to locate a credible local company.
  • Every month, 95 percent of customers use Google to locate a credible local company.
  • Search engines are used by 100% of internet consumers to search products and make payments.

The Data Is Clear:

The Data Is Clear:

There are a lot of people searching for info on the internet. Your consumer has a query, and you reply with material that addresses it. The aim is to have each piece of material appear at the top ofGoogle's search results. By investing in SEO, the small company will massively expand its client base by being at the top of the search results.

The value of SEO is evident: the bulk of spending behavior are made online. You could be the first provider of knowledge for these customers with strong SEO. Consider owning a shop on a bustling key intersection in Los Angeles: more and more customer flow you get, the more business potential you get.

Better Leads: As compared to TV, print, or radio advertisements, a well-executed SEO campaign will help you generate significantly more quality leads. SEO leads have a 50% near rate, while leads from direct mail, newspaper, television, and other sources have just a 3% percent close rate.

It's clear to see why: SEO gives you access to intensely focused and inspired consumers who choose to purchase rather than only glance about. Traditional ads just would not provide for the same level of consumer engagement. If you're a website developer in Los Angeles, for example, there's a slim possibility that a driver who hears your radio ad would require your services. You'd be ineffectively paying for airtime in the hopes that any of the show's viewers would need a company website in the future.

When anyone looks for a ‘website developer in Los Angeles,' they have already shown an interest in hiring a website designer. There's a good possibility they'll notice your page at the peak of the Google search pages, which means you'll get an increased lead and maybe a new client.

Here's why you would invest in SEO: you'll be able to reach the very same audience you're looking for.

With a professionally designed website and a monthly budget of $1250 (our monthly package), you can launch an SEO campaign today, making it one of, if not the most successful ways of marketing available your small business.

My Takeaway:

My Takeaway:

Are you having trouble getting people to visit your site? When it comes to attracting internet traffic and growing revenue on the website, Search Engine Optimization is the single most critical aspect.

You're actually reading this because, like many other small business owners, you've wanted to advertise your goods or services online.You'll quickly remember that getting an online presence alone won't boost sales—in reality, by releasing the website, you're now competing against numerous people who are selling the same goods and services as you.

Like a little fish in a big pond, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. You know there's a demand for what you're doing, so how can your potential customers know it if they can't locate you? 

Aubrey Lang, Founder of Idle 2 Idol